The importance of knowledge and experience when choosing your photographer

The change from film to digital . 

Photography has changed massively over the last few years with the advent of digital capture . When I was learning about photography , it was all film based and professional labs were used to process the film and for making prints from the resulting negatives , although I did have my own black and white darkroom and made my own black and white prints . This process was much easier for the photographer , as things like colour balance were handled by the labs and there was a lot less work involved , as you would drop your films off at the lab one day , then go back a few days later to pick up the negatives and small , proof prints .  Now a lot of that work is in the hands of the photographer and they have to control all aspects of the process , from capture to finished digital image , ready for printing . The lab will basically print what the photographer sends , so the digital images have to be correct and that is what I spend a lot of my time doing , making sure all of my images are as near perfect as possible before I have them printed for my clients .

Does having a camera make you a photographer ?

I see a lot of low quality work being produced by "photographers" who offer very low priced photography packages , with all images from the photo session on cd , etc  . A lot of these people are not qualified and are basically people who have bought a digital camera and have set themselves up as "photographers" , having a camera does not automatically make you a photographer , no more than having an oven makes you a chef . I qualified with the Master Photographers Association in 2001 and have spent a lot of time since then trying to improve my photography and my knowledge of digital imaging . This is my hobby as well as my business and it is very important to me to try and be the best I can be and I have spent thousands of pounds on training over the years to make sure I keep up with changes in the industry . I use lots of specialised equipment , high end camera gear and colour calibrated monitors to make sure your images look the way they are supposed to look , with natural skin tones etc , these may seem like basic things and things that all photographers should be doing , but I see lots of incorrectly exposed , badly lit and poorly printed photographs being produced , and most of these will come from low cost photography packages , being sold by unqualified photographers .

Image Editing Software [ Photoshop ] . 

The secret of a great image is to get as much right "in camera" as possible and then use Photoshop to bring out the very best in that image , it is not designed to rescue poor quality images . I have been working with Photoshop since buying my first digital camera in 2005 and have attended training courses with some of the best in the business , recently completing an Advanced Photoshop course in the City of Glasgow College . I see a lot of low price packages advertised with the promise of   " all images professionally edited " , this may be true in only one respect , the client is paying for their services and if someone is paid for what they do , they can call themselves professional . What they are not offering is images edited to a professional standard , that is something completely different and takes a lot of   time , patience and training . I spend a lot of time on each image my clients purchase , this is to make sure they get the very best finished product I can offer . There are shortcuts available in Photoshop , but these do not offer the best   outcome , I always use the best techniques to produce the best results .             

 You always get what you pay for in life .  

I always try and make my photography affordable and , when compared to work of a similar quality , presented on similar products , we are actually really good value for money , but we can't and don't try and compete with the low budget end of the market , as we can't produce the highest quality without charging for the extra time it takes to do this . I see photography as a luxury item and if clients are looking to have something that is going to hang on the wall of their home for many years , then I will always endeavour to make sure we give them the very best photography we can . We will look after your images from capture to final output and we only use the very best companies to produce our work , this ensures that you get the highest quality possible , this can cost a little more , but when it comes to baby , child , family and wedding photography , I think the investment is well worth it . Much like anything in life , you only get what you pay for , but you can have a high quality image , ready to go on your wall , for as little as £105.00 . 

Family Heirloom Portraits

" I have photographed hundreds of babies over the years and it is obviously great for parents to have these reminders of their baby's early years , but looking back I have noticed that very few parents , grand parents or great grand parents ever ask to be involved in the photo sessions . These images [ if taken ] form part of your new baby's family history and will become family heirlooms , so we are going to make a conscious effort to do more of these and our Fine Art sessions are an ideal style to capture these memories . I know it's not everyone that enjoys being photographed , I know I don't and that's why I stay behind the camera , but I feel that these family memories are very important and will become treasured memories for your future generations , so if you would like to be photographed with your baby [ also grandparents and great grandparents ] please mention this when you contact me and we will arrange a special session for you all ."

Introduction to DSLR camera courses

This day is designed for newcomers to DSLR cameras and photography in general . During the course we will cover a broad range of topics related to basic photography . At the end of the course , you will be confident in using your DSLR and all of its features . This is the course for you if you want to get out of auto mode and start using manual settings to get the most out of your camera ! 

You will expand your knowledge in :

º Controlling image exposure

º Depth of field and aperture settings

º Shutter speed control

º ISO [ film speed settings ]

º White balance presets and custom white balance

º Image capture - raw or jpeg ?

º Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

100% guaranteed . We are confident that you will love the images we create for you , if not , we will refund your session fee . Although I have been taking photographs for many years [ starting out with film and printing my own black and white work ] , I am always looking to learn and have recently completed an Advanced Photoshop course , this way I am always improving and my clients get even better images . Please contact me to find out what we can do for you


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What my clients say ... 

"One of my greatest fears as a parent is forgetting the funny little ways of my children - it's an old cliche , but they grow up so fast . However Ian manages , somehow , to capture not just their physical likeness , but something of their heart and spirit , so that when I look back , I can see them just as they were . He'll dance , sing , play , make jokes and fool around to ensure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed and this all results in the most beautiful pictures . Ian could not be more accommodating , but it's people first and pictures second  . My kids just think he's one of their friends now "

Claire Chisholm , Dumbarton

"I chose to have my twins photographed newborn by Ian and I'm so glad I did . Ian created the perfect environment to capture precious shots of my two babies that take pride of place in my house , we've now had our first sitting for our babies First Year Folio as well . It takes great patience to photograph twins and Ian has this a plenty . Thanks to Ian's patience and talent , I now have photos that will last forever ."

Lorna J Slevin